Easy Vegetarian Meals

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  • oatmeal with bananas and rice milk/soy milk
  • fruit smoothie with rice milk
  • flax pancakes
  • egg, potato salsa burrito
  • scrambled tofu(2eggs with a block of soft tofu)


  • quinoa salad(quinoa, black beans, tomato and salad dressing)
  • tofu dogs and salad
  • homemade minestrone soup with kidney beans and quinoa
  • black bean, brown rice, avocado, salsa burrito
  • refried bean quesadilla and brown rice
  • open faced burrito (brown rice, black beans, avocado, corn, salsa surrounded by organic corn chips from costco for dipping)
  • veggie sandwich or pita with hummus (costco)
  • miso soup


  • spaghetti (buckwheat noodles, chick peas, organic tomato sauce (costco) and veggies topped with nutritional yeast (looks like parmesan cheese)
  • homemade mini pizzas on pitas (whole wheat pita, tomato sauce, veggies, topped with nutritional yeast or soy cheese)
  • samosas with indian style chick peas (can get packet of spices)
  • pad thai
  • veggie lasagne
  • cold buckwheat noodle salad (buckwheat noodles, carrots, peppers, any veggies and salad dressing
  • fajitas with tofu strips
  • any indian food coconut curry on brown rice or quinoa


  • dairy free/sugar free carrot cake
  • sliced fruit and soy yogurt
  • brown rice pudding (rice milk and agave nectar for sweetener)
  • homemade muffins
  • smoothie
  • sugar free/dairy free vegan carob balls with coconut dates with bananas